10 fascinating travel facts to jumpstart your Wonderlust!


Apparently introvert personalities are more likely to pick mountainous locations for a holiday, whilst extroverts prefer a beach. So I guess that’s why there’s more parties on Koh Phangan than on Everest, though we think a rave-for-one would totally work up there.


Australia is actually wider than the moon, which means if you travel across Oz, then you’re practically Neil Armstrong.


Russia spans a whopping 12 timezones, so you can be in Vladivostok chatting to someone in Russia, and tell them secrets from the future.

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The USA is the only country in the world that doesn’t legally require at least one paid holiday day. 


There’s been some research on which languages rank as the happiest, and it turns out it is the ones that use the most positive words. Spanish is the happiest, followed by Portuguese, and then English. 


Did you know France is the most visited country in the world? A staggering 82 million people this country to tour Paris, Cannes, and Bordeaux. Though we all know the real reason is to eat all the croissants in the land.


The least visited country is poor Kiribati, only 6000 people a year visit our Oceanic island neighbours (though we’re pretty sure they don’t mind).


The flight from Auckland to Doha is currently the longest in the world, coming in at a leg cramping 18 hours long! Second place goes to the exciting (for us Aussies anyway) Perth to London route, which takes 17 hours.


The shortest flight in the world is between Papa Westray and Westray in the Orkney Islands and takes on 53 seconds, which is enough time to sneeze before you land.


Think travelling at Christmas is busy? In China a staggering 385 million people travel back to their home towns for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

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