Protecting the world from the forces of evil is hard work – so it’s baffling that these heroes don’t use all the powers at their disposal.

Talking To Animals (Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman es un ícono feminista?

Diana was originally conceived from clay and when she came to life, she received the blessing of the gods, as well as many skills. From Athena she received wisdom, from Hermes the speed, from Demeter the strength and power and so on.

Over the years, this Amazonian warrior princess has taken a leaf out of Doctor Dolittle’s book and conversed with animals, recruiting them as allies. It’s a useful talent Wonder Woman has employed both in the comics as well as her self-titled TV series starring Lynda Carter – but for whatever reason, lately she seems to have dropped it from her playbook!

Super Hearing (Superman)

Superman is arguably the greatest superhero of them all (and undoubtedly the most influential) – but as the several entries devoted to him on this list illustrate, he can be a real pain to write. Take super hearing: the way this power is traditionally depicted across all media, it means that the Man of Steel is capable of detecting precise sounds all over the globe.

So really, it should be impossible to attack or plot against Superman – or any other Kryptonian, for that matter – since he’s never technically out of earshot. That’s probably why his super hearing tends to drop in and out, to allow writers to craft scenarios where he might actually be in danger!

Super-Laser (Iron Man)

Tony Stark may not have any powers – unless you count being a super-genius – but suited up as Iron Man, he packs at least as much firepower as his superhuman peers. One of the more impressive weapons in Shellhead’s arsenal is the ultra-intense red laser he can unleash from the back of either armored hand in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon

Funnily enough, though, Iron Man seems to use his super-laser at full power sparingly, in deference to it’s “one and done” shelf-life. However, it feels like a perpetual tinkerer like Tony would have increased the super-laser’s shelf-life by now, and we can’t comprehend why we haven’t seen him use it against the likes of Thanos!

Mind Control (Scarlet Witch)

 Although her power-set is broadly similar – telekinesis is used as a substitute for many of her basic abilities, such as flight and energy blasts – on the big screen, Wanda also excels at mind control.

Indeed, this was the villainess-turned-heroine’s favorite party trick when she made her MCU debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Since then, Scarlet Witch hasn’t really called upon her telepathic skills – which is weird, considering it could have successfully defused multiple high-stakes situations!

All-Tongue (Thor)

When you think of Thor, the first word to come into your mind probably isn’t “master linguist.” After all, whether it’s on the page or the silver screen, the God of Thunder is known first for his titanic strength and ability to channel lightning, rather than his conversational prowess.
Nevertheless, one of Thor’s many divine skills is known as “all-tongue,” which enables him to speak any language in the universe. Although comics readers have seen Odinson used this talent frequently, it’s not something his MCU counterpart has tried – he never once responds in kind to “I am Groot,” for one thing – and possibly not even something he’s capable of!

Astral Projection (Batman)

Batman’s appeal is that he’s portrayed as a simple human – or as simple as a human who happens to be an Olympic-level athlete and billionaire playboy can be, anyway. Despite this, the Dark Knight has occasionally augmented his existing skill set with superhuman talents, like when he demonstrated a knack for astral projection in the Brave and the Bold cartoon.

In the episode “Dawn of the Dead Man!,” Batman is shown crossing over into the spirit world just by meditating. Given how often he’s confronted by supernatural foes in the comics, it’s a bit strange we’ve never seen him resort to astral projection there, as well.

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